Westfresh Catering staff and management are certified trained food handlers. We have always adhered to strict personal hygiene training with every member of our staff. The number one rule in the kitchen has always been cleanliness and hygiene. Proper handwashing, proper dishwashing, and storing and prepping food is imperative, and we take this seriously, ensuring staff is knowledgeable and follows thoroughly. Washing hands after every task and each break time and avoid touching their face. Wearing a proper uniform, gloves, masks are routine. Always stay home if you feel you may be suffering from any sort of contagious symptoms. Health and safety have always been and will remain to be at the forefront of us.

Inspection reports available online

Following the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we implemented additional cleaning and disinfecting through the work area, premises as well as our vehicles. We are following https://www.sccgov.org/sites/cpd/Pages/cpd.aspx guidelines and recommendations, limiting the number of staff present, several deep cleaning throughout the day, masks and gloves always, temperature checks too.

Scott and Fara Parsons & Westfresh Catering Crew. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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